German Point

Established in 1999, German Point has grown to become a vibrant restaurant popular with both the local and international community in Nairobi offering the finest freshly prepared German and Continental Dishes alongside a wide range of drinks and refreshments.

Our Location

Rosslyn Riviera  is a convenient neighbourhood mall set in an environment of peaceful greenery in the up-market suburb of Rosslyn, Limuru Road. Sitting on 4.5 acres, Rosslyn Riviera combines the enchanting atmosphere of modern world class design and the enticing backdrop of nature that takes advantage of a natural river on the property.


Bacon, Eggs, Sausages, Beans, Mushroom & Toast 650 Ksh.
Beans on Toast 300 Ksh
Omelette with your choice of fillings (Cheese, Ham or Mushroom) and served with Toast 550 Ksh
Add Bacon or Sausage 100 Ksh


Tomato 400 Ksh
Zanzibar Coconut/Fish 400 Ksh
Beef Goulash 400 Ksh
Served with Baguette Slices


Chips 250 Ksh (dips 50 Ksh each)
Masala/Cheese Chips 300 Ksh
Fried I Roast Potatoes 350 Ksh
Beef/Veg Samosa (large) 100 Ksh
Sausage (pork or beef) 80 Ksh each
Sausage Egg & Chips 550 Ksh
Hotdog (pork or beef Vienna’s, garnished as
required) 400 Ksh
Chicken Nuggets with Chips 450 Ksh
Breaded Deepfried Mushrooms 550 Ksh
Baguettes or Toasted Sandwich
Ham & Cheese filling 600 Ksh.
Cheese & Tomato 500 KSh,
Hot Chicken or Beef Sandwich 600Ksh
(chips or salad on the side)


Greek Salad 450 Ksh (Feta Cheese)
Egg Salad 400 Ksh
Chicken Salad 450 Ksh
Choice of Vinegrette or 1000 Island Dressing


Bockwurst, Bratwurst, Bavarian Weisswurst
Cheese Krainer, Garlic
(All 200 g) 800 Ksh each.
Boerwors (500 g) 1150 Ksh
Mixed Grill Sausage 1250 Ksh
Currywurst 850 Ksh
All served with mustard and choice of sauerkraut,
potato salad, mashed potato or fries.
Try hotdog style in a bun


Grilled Steaks (300 g) cooked
to your order
T Bone 1050 Ksh
Fillet 1050 Ksh
Rump 1050 Ksh
Sirloin 1050 Ksh
Pepper Steak 1050 Ksh
Beef Burger (garnished with sauté onions
and tomato) 550 Ksh
Add cheese @ 50 Ksh,
bacon @ 100 Ksh
All served with fries, mash. rice or salad.
Choice of sauces with steaks & 50 Ksh


Lamb Chops, served with roast or mashed potatoes. vegetables & gravy. 800 Ksh


Grilled Chicken
Quarter 550 Ksh, Half 800 Ksh
Escalope (Breast) 900 Ksh
Chicken Burger (garnished with sauté onions and
tomato) 550 Ksh
Add cheese topping @ 50 Ksh,
bacon @ 100 Ksh
All served with fries, mash, rice or salad.
Stir Fry Chicken 700Ksh with rice, chips or mash


Traditional British Fish & Chips, (fresh fillet in
crispy batter) 950 Ksh.
Grilled Prawns, plain, Pili Pili or Garlic,
1100 Ksh
Calamari grilled or deep fried,
750 Ksh.
Tilapia Fillet pan fried in bread crumbs, 950 Ksh.
Spicy Tilapia Fillet, 950 Ksh @
Fish Fingers, 550 Ksh.
All served with fries, mash. rice or salad.
Lemon Tilapia Fillet with Spinach. Served with
parsley potatoes, rice, fries or salad, 950 Ksh


Wiener Schnitzel, served with Fries, Potato or
Green Salad & tartar sauce. 950 Ksh
Hunter Style Schnitzel, topped with mushroom
sauce, Served with fries or mashed potato. 950 Ksh
Pork Chops, served with mashed or roast potatoes.
veg & gravy 1050 Ksh


Spaghetti Bolognaise, with Parmesan cheese,
600 Ksh
Spaghetti Diabolo with olive oil, garlic, fresh
chilies & Parmesan cheese, 550 Ksh
Spaghetti Carbonara with olive oil, garlic, fresh
chilies & Parmesan cheese 650 Ksh

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